Faculty Socialization in Higher Education Institutions: The Tug-of-war between Perceptions and Realities

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Haji Karim Khan
Sajjad Hussain


Faculty socialization in higher education is seen as a key component of educational research, however, it has received little attention in Pakistan. Particularly, there is a scarcity of literature on the socialization of faculty members in their roles in institutions located in remote and rural contexts. This study aimed at exploring teachers’ socialization into the profession in higher education institutions located in semi-urban and rural settings in Pakistan. A qualitative approach was employed to conduct the study. Findings show that during the initial entry into the profession, higher education faculty members find a gap between the perceptions and realities about their roles in higher education institutions. During the initial phase, their practices remain isolated and they continue their work on a trial-and-error basis. In addition, faculty members working in remote and rural settings experience lesser opportunities for professional learning and interaction. Findings have pertinent implications for research at the higher education level.

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