Perceived Everyday Discrimination, Social Support, and Post-Traumatic Growth of Breast Cancer Survivors

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Qurat ul Ain Javed
Dr Afsheen Gul


Objective: Different studies highlighted the stressful impact on breast cancer survivors while functioning in everyday life. The purpose of the current research is to explore the relationship of everyday discrimination, and post traumatic growth among breast cancer survivors from perspective of social support. The study supports exploring everyday discrimination associated with the individual’s social support, and become the cause of Post-traumatic growth among individuals suffered with breast cancer in their life. Methodology: The current study has been conducted with patients who survived Breast cancer (N=80) from Lahore, Pakistan. Different Psychological instrument has been used to access the perceived everyday discrimination aspect, social support, and post-traumatic growth among individuals who survived breast cancer. Results: The results of the research indicated that a negative association is found between social support and its subscales such as family and friends among breast cancer survivors. The social support becomes the cause of post-traumatic growth and has positive association with the current study participants. Furthermore, it has been indicated in the current study that social support is a predictor of the development of post-traumatic growth in the perspective of associated features such as; a form of possibilities, personal strength, and appreciation of life among breast cancer survivors.

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