Linking Head Teachers’ Ratings of Teacher Evaluation with School Performance

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Dr. Muhammad Irfan Malik
Dr. Muhammad Akram
Dr. Moafia Nader


The study examined how linking head teachers’ ratings of teacher evaluation with school performance. Teacher evaluation is defined as how quality practices: evaluating teachers, documentation of teachers’ performance, and sharing legal guidelines with teachers were implemented by head teachers while evaluating their teachers. School performance can be defined as accomplishment of goals by students, teachers and schools. In district Sahiwal, 124 head teachers evaluated themselves for teacher evaluation on HTEQ through selecting them conveniently. For school performance, MEAs monthly visit reports were used to collect data on following factors: school cleanliness, presence of teachers, functionality of facilities and student presence, while data on student achievement score were obtained from their schools. The study found that head teachers were used quality practices of teacher evaluation effectively and their schools’ performance were also revealed at the level of excellence. The study revealed moderate relationship between both these variables (r=.58) and 34% variance in school performance could also be explained through quality practices of teacher evaluation. The study also added the recommendations.

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