Effectiveness of Early Childhood Teachers’ Pre-service Training Regarding Social and Emotional Development among Children: An Analysis of Pre-Service Teacher Competencies

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Ms. Sadaf Iqbal
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Majoka
Dr. Sadaf Naz


The purpose of this study was to review ECE pre-service teachers’ training in the context of social and emotional development of children. A mixed method sequential explanatory research design was used.  Two research instruments (questionnaire and semi-structured interview) were developed to have an understanding of research problem through the triangulation of data. A sample of 300 teachers was selected through purposive sampling from 8 selected districts of Pakistan (100 teachers were selected from Government Schools, 100 from Beacon House Schools, and 100 from City School System). Quantitative data were analyzed, using chi-square test of independence. A semi-structured interview was administered to 10 teachers from public and private schools (Beacon School System, City School System, and Government school). No significant difference was found in the views of public and private sector teachers regarding most of the factors of social and emotional development. Teachers indicated that pre-service teachers’ trainings were ineffective in developing skills among teachers for fostering the social and emotional development of the children. Similarly, findings from qualitative data also indicated that socio-emotional development was not given due consideration in ECE Pre-service teachers’ training programs. This research has implications for heads of teacher training institutions, early-year caregivers, and policymakers in Pakistan.

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