The Effect of Part Time Jobs on University Students’ Academic Achievement

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Fatima Saddique
Dr. Farhana Khurshid
Dr. Bushra Inayat Raja


This research investigated the effect of Part-time jobs on university student’ academic achievement. A sample of 150 students from 3 reputed public sector universities was examined for this purpose. Both students of arts and science departments were the sample of the research. A quantitative approach was used to investigate the effect of part-time job on university students’ academic achievement. The factors that were used to find out perceived effect of Part-time jobs on university students’ academic achievements were students’ GPA, working hours in a day, type of part-time job, as well as workload at job. The findings of the study showed that part-time jobs have a positive effect on students’ GPA as it was above 2.6. It was also found in a few cases, the students having part time jobs have taken more time to complete their degree than the other students. Moreover, the respondents were satisfied with their job but not satisfied with their salary, with most students supported the freedom provided by the job. Students believed their part-time job would help them find employment and they wanted to have such a job in future. These students have flexible work schedules and also worked on weekends. They believed that getting a part-time job will help them break into the workforce and increase their prospects of landing better positions in future. Therefore, having a part-time job is quite helpful for university students.

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