An Investigation of Physics Laboratory and its Effects on Students Learning at Secondary Level in Mardan

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Mr. Waqas Ahmad
Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Irshadullah
Dr. Maksal Minaz


The quantitative study aimed to investigate Physics Laboratory and its effects on students learning at Secondary Level in Mardan. The objectives of the study were, to investigate the physical resources in physics laboratory at secondary level in Mardan; and to inquire the effects of physical resources on students learning at secondary level in Mardan. This study was delimited to male public sector secondary schools in district Mardan. All the (23059) secondary school students in district Mardan were the population for this study (EMIS, 2019). A sample of (400) Secondary School Students of class 9th and 10th were selected randomly in this research work. A closed ended Questioner was used as a research instrument in this study with the options of ‘Yes’, ‘No’, and ‘Undecided” collected and data were analysed by using simple percentages. Graphs and data were interpreted. Major findings of the study showed that physical resources help Students in their learning activities. Majority of students responded that physics laboratory having fully equipped with physical recourses. It was concluded that Physics laboratory is fully equipped& facilitated. It was recommended that laboratories should be upgraded & teachers should be properly trained.

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